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ScolBlender Projekt

ScolBlender provide some tools between 'Blender', the free 3D-modeler, and the free technology 'Scol'.
All these tools are under licence GNU/GPL.
So, use them !

Blender is a free soft to create and animate your imagination on 3D format ;-)). A lot of stuffs are available :-)

Scol is free technology to create severals types of applications (3D, network, ...) and to associate them.

Theses pages present only these tools.
This project is by the Blender Foundation : https://projects.blender.org/projects/scolblender. Get il all infos, news, files, docs, ... currently availables.

At the present time, two tools are downloadables :

  • m3dimport

    Script to import 3d objects from m3d file format to Blender

    • import meshes (without topologies),
    • materials : the diffuse color (color), primaries and secondaries textures, transparencies (?) et lightening,
    • the source file (*.blend) if it exists.
    Current version : 0.10 pre-alpha
    Requirement : Blender 2.37 or above

  • m3dexport

    Script to export from Blender to Scol 3d files *.m3d

    • exports meshes (without topologies) with theirs positions and orientations but not the scale and the visibility values,
    • materials : flat color, primary texture, transparency and ligntening,
    • texture file compatible or not with the Scol format,
    • cameras,
    • lamps (partielly),
    • log file with the m3d,
    • include the path of the source file (the current .blend).
    Current version : 0.11 pre-alpha
    Requirements : Blender 2.37 ou supérieur

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